Coke: A monumental landmark

With a rise of more than a 100% in stock prices, Coca Cola Company is emerging to be a force to be reckoned with in the beverage industry. The company specializes in non-alcoholic as well as fizzy carbolated beverages. Even though, over the number of years the company has been subjected to major criticism such as human rights violation and unethical behavior. The company is based as well as headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Coca Cola stock further benefits over the fact that the company caters to a mass market all over the globe except for some very few regions.
The worth of Coca Cola stock today is $40.82 per share increasing by more than a hundred percent since the last five years. This is mainly due to their extensive advertisement portfolio through which they have targeted major cities as well as countries all around the globe with respect to their cultures and ethnicities. For now Coca Cola will yet again reach another monumental landmark through their advertisement of FIFA World Cup 2014 which takes place in Brazil over the summers. They have added a “samba” flavor to their advertisement in the region which appeals the general populace. Similarly their Coke Studio in Pakistan and India caters to a traditional flavor of music which entices the general populace towards reminiscence of glorious past times served all under the company name. This in addition pivots the consumers towards their product.
In recent news Warren Buffet, Berkshire’s chairman and CEO, tells of the worth of Coca Cola stock. He believes that this stock has lasting competitive advantages. He believes that Coca Cola’s stock will stand the tests of time and that is what the potential investors are looking for in a company’s stock as that is the most important thing. Through this, the stock is of more worth to their owners as well as an increased amount of reliability and dependability on the stock. The product and the company has already thrived through their timely assessments for 218 years so it is a safe bet to say that the Coca Cola stock is a dependable one.
Over the last ten years Coca Cola has outperformed everything that was expected from a mere beverage manufacturing company and has seen a rise in their revenues and earnings by 7.8% and 6.0% respectively. Over this period of time the company’s hard work and efforts have resulted in them netting stable and over excessively high profit margins. For in depth analysis and a proper look at Coca Cola stock, visit .
Out of 14 investment analysts, 2 have issued Coca Cola stock with a “sell” rating, eight have assigned the stock with a “hold” rating and the remaining four have enlisted the stock with a “buy” rating.
Coca Cola stock may further be the beneficiary over the fact that the company is looking to expand it already all so vast production portfolio. The company are vary of many analysts’ concern being that coke need to innovate as well as look towards product development if they are to play catch up with their competitive counterparts PepsiCo. An example of this is when Coke launched their new “Coca-Cola life” which is a low calorie, naturally sweetened beverage produced towards satisfying the health conscious market of the twenty first century. Another market which the company can penetrate upon (even though they may be going against their traditions) is the party circle and club life. Most alcoholic beverages still do include Coke and their subsidiary products as a means to produce a perfect cocktail. This is a step which the company may consider in order to increase their production portfolio.


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