2,912 Shares Sold By The Boeing Company

An American multinational corporation with the name of the Boeing Company provides services of designing, manufacturing and selling aircrafts. Other services provided by the company include leasing and product support. The company is one of the largest companies that manufacture aircrafts. Based on 2012 revenue, the company is rated to be second largest defense contractor in the world. The company has it’s headquarter in Chicago. The company is organized and divided into five primary sections. The company recorded $86.623 billion in sales in year 2013. According to Fortune 500 the company has been raked to be at 95th number globally.
According to The Boeing Company Stock Share Price report, SVP Thomas J. Downey unloads 2,912 shares of The Boeing Company stock. The average price at which shares are sold is $131.25 while the total value is $382,200.00. On Wednesday the company traded up to 0.19%, while the trading volume of stock is 2,900,669. According to the Boeing Company Stock news, one year low of the company is $93.82 while the one-year high is of $144.57. The company has been a target of large options trading. The market cap of the company is $95.054 billion, while the ration recorded by BA Stock Chart is of 22.42.
For the first quarter of the year, the company announced its earning result to be $1.76 EPS beating the $1.56 estimate of Thomson Reuters by $0.20. The recorded revenue of the company for the first quarter of the year is 8.3% and analysts are expecting an increase in the upcoming year.


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