Consumer 101

Bidness Etc’s “Consumer 101” section is a Godsend for those who are newly interested in the world of finance. The would-be readers of this section are students of finance and history, first-time investors, and those who need a little educated help planning their futures and retirements.

As is clear by the name of the section, Consumer 101 provides its readers with tutelage on fundamental financial matters: investment analysis, online business, trading securities, credit cards, and even the lowdown on precious metals.

Traditional financial media often assumes its readers always know exactly what’s being discussed. At Bidness Etc, we distinguish our finance portal from those of other companies by understanding that the basics are indispensable and that financial acumen is only developed over time.

To that end, we explained the basics of investment analysis – discounted cash flows, net present value – in a recent Consumer 101 piece. The aim of that piece, and indeed all the pieces in this section, is to present the reader with actionable instruction on the financial matters that we grapple with on a daily basis.
No longer will the average reader have to consult the dictionary for technical words and phrases. In this section ( we provide our readers with on-the-go expertise on often complicated financial decisions with direct, practical content and helpful and attractive illustrations.
It talks about 3M Corporation.


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