Bidnessetc is a financial media website that provides the highest quality of financial research in order to inform its audience of the key financial developments in various industrial sectors.
Within the’s telecom portal the analysis provides a comprehensive overview of all latest developments in the US telecom sector which comprises of four large players including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. It provides investment opportunities in these stocks by analyzing various industry metrics such as Average Revenue per User, Churn Rate and Revenue by Segmentation. Furthermore it examines recent trends including mergers and acquisitions such as that of T-Mobile and Sprint and the battle for net neutrality as well as price wars such as those between AT&T and T-Mobile. From equity valuations to the more comprehensive industry analysis, is the one-stop destination for anyone learning to invest in telecom stocks or trying to understand the industry and its ever-changing dynamics.
Perhaps one of the most relevant pieces for investors is the Investment 411 whereby our company provides with a comprehensive equity analysis based on key stock drivers that could drive the stock’s earnings. Furthermore, we provide sell-side expectations by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and others in order to make for a strong bull/bear case for various telecom equities. Bidnessetc also compares relative performance of industry players as well as relative dividend prospects for stocks.


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