Caterpillar benefiting from Diversity

Caterpillar is an American business which engages in a diverse range of activities including the designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of machinery and engines. It also provides financial products and insurance services to customers over the globe.
Being a corporation with a diverse portfolio, Caterpillar has recently suffered losses in some of its businesses while gained from the other ones. In 2013, there was a decline in its sale of mining equipment due to which Caterpillar faced a 33% reduction in its profits. However, fortunately there was an increase in construction equipment sales which increased profit by 5% in the first quarter. This was also simultaneously accompanied by an increase in the sales of energy and transportation equipment which caused substantial increase in profitability.
Since then the stock charts of Caterpillar have shown a promising trend. The CAT stock price is now 105.06 as compared to 83.04 in mid-2013.
Other financial aspects of the company have also improved. The company’s profits increased by 42 million this year from a comparable period last year. Earnings per share are announced at $1.44 per share which is also an increase from previous periods. According to Caterpillar’s CEO the previous quarter has highlighted the diversity of the company’s business.
It is also worth noting that although the projected revenue of Caterpillar from the previous quarter remains the same, Caterpillar has increased its profit forecast by 25 cents to $6.10 per share. This promising profitability is surely going to be welcomed by the investors.


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