Should You Sell These Plunging CVX Stocks Before It’s Too Late?

Chevron Corporation is headquartered in San Ramon, California and has a presence in more than 180 countries worldwide. Its core business is energy and it focuses on oil, gas and geothermal forms of energy.

It is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. Financial figures as of 2012 are as follows; revenue was USD 241.909 Billion, operating income of USD 46.332 Billion, net income of USD 26.179 Billion, total assets of USD 232.982 Billion and equity of USD 137.832 Billion.

Chevron Corporation’s (CVX) stock is currently as of this writing in second quarter of 2014 trading at USD 113 on the NYSE index with an average price of USD 112.50 and a 5 year trend analysis shows that the CVX stock price has risen from about USD 52 to it’s current price.

Chevron Corp. stock’s losses are a direct result of the challenges presently being faced by almost all big oil corporations and others operating within the industry, due to the falling production levels and also the declining price margins on the refined products. Chevron hasn’t been able to cope with and take measures to overcome the fall, resulting in revenue loss as well as profit loss. It is only fair to say, as has also been evidenced in this document that the Chevron Corp. stock will move downwards in the foreseeable future and hence it’s high time to ponder on the real value versus risk appetites of the investors before any decision is made.


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