Description Of Chevron Corporation:

Many famous and huge industries or companies have been set up in the modern day world in order to only fulfill the energy rations all over the world. Some of the biggest companies that are busy in extracting, refining and supplying energy resources are located in America. One of those companies is Chevron Corporation, which came into being after the merger of Gulf Oil of Saudi Arabia and State Oil of California, and this merger is known as the biggest one in the history of time. The renowned company is recently operating in over 180 countries, and it’s headquarter is in California. The company is busy in every aspect of geothermal energy industries, oil, and gas along with refining, exploration and production, chemicals manufacturing and sales, power generation, and marketing and transport.
The Chevron Corporation is known as world’s sixth Super-Major Oil Company, and Fortune Global 500 also ranked it as the 11th largest company of the world. The downstream operation of Chevron manufactures and sells products like lubricants, petrochemicals, fuels and additives. The noteworthy functional areas of Chevron is South Korea, North America’s west cost, Australia, U.S Gulf cost, South Africa and Southeast Asia. The alternative energy productions of the company are fuel cells, geothermal, biofuel, hydrogen, wind and solar.
Chevron being one of the largest companies of the world has also been success in maintaining CVX stock graph or stock chart in which today’s CVX stock price can be seen varying from $124.87 to $126.13. It trades under NYSE with a stock symbol of CVX


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