An milestone achieved for 3M

A milestone has been achieved for 3M. The company recently celebrated their 75 years of consistent service in the safety and security sector. In order to celebrate their 75 years of innovation in the field of security and safety systems, the company itself organized an event in Dubai, UAE. The purpose to organize this event was to bring the innovative and committed side of the company under the limelight. Furthermore the company even discussed various plan for the future that would become solutions to the transportation in the future. These systems would be joined under one centralized regulator that would eventually result in safer cities, countries etc.
The company commemorated its Traffic Safety Systems Division which is made up of widespread and diversified high performance services. 3M has been active in improving the efficiency of traffic systems, and thus has been a staunch leader when it comes to innovation. 3M follows certain strict standards that results in better visibility of roads, lessens the overall expenditure in the long run and meets the universal criterion of the government standards. The services these traffic systems provide are the only things required to make cities secured. Thus 3M Traffic Security Systems are a one stop solution for all security needs.
According to Chaouki Bahsoun the General Manager heading Security and Graphics said, “The world has changed immensely since 3M installed the first fully reflective traffic sign in 1939, but our technology leadership and commitment to traffic safety is as strong as ever,” “Armed with innovative technology, we provide ingenious solutions for the transportation industry and our complete portfolio of products, services and solutions addresses today’s challenges of the motor vehicle industry to enhance organizational performance and productivity,” he further said.
“Being a leader in Traffic Safety and Security, we leap into the future with our Next Generation Transportation Futuristic Solutions, where we can integrate all our solutions together under one centralized control to have the future of our cities secured. We are excited to celebrate today our 75th anniversary and introduce even more customized solutions into the market,” Another executive at 3M added.
3M is aware of the needs of the constantly evolving world and thus to cope up with the pace they have always given preference to innovation. Their security systems are top notch and cater to all those that need high end security and safety system. This event not only appreciated innovation but also boosted the morale of many deserving employees.


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