Is it possible for BlackBerry Ltd. to recover?

BlackBerry Limited was previously known as Research in Motion Limited. The company is based in Canada which is a telecommunication and wireless equipment company. The company was known for the development of its famous BlackBerry smartphones as well as tablets. In the recent times, BlackBerry cannot cope up with its peers and competitions which include Apple, Samsung, and Windows Phone to some extent as well. The company has faced a major downfall as well as the shares have declined by huge percentages. Hence, the main question that arises is whether BlackBerry can recover in the near future or not?
Currently, BlackBerry stock price is being traded at around $8.12 after increasing by 4.37%. In order to recapture the smartphone market, the company is looking forward to launch its new phone, but not in the region of United States or Canada first. The new phone, Z3, is developed in collaboration with Foxxcon, which is a Chinese manufacturing company. This phone might be a way towards recovery phase for the company. It was not a very long time ago when the company was the only dominant force in the smartphone market and now it does not even make it to the top rankings of consumers. One of the most influential people that have still not left BlackBerry is president Barrack Obama who still uses his BlackBerry smartphone. Analysts believe that the introduction of Apple, Samsung, and HTC while bringing very tough competition made it very hard for BlackBerry to survive in the market. Hence, the distance grew between its customers and the company.
It has been a very long time since BlackBerry stocks have made immense progress in the market as it is currently trading sideways in order to gain something. Hence, the company will take time to preserve and stabilize. The company has been providing the innovative wireless telecom to a wide range of smartphone market which includes consumers as well as companies throughout the world. A new initiative is taken by the company to launch the phone in Indonesia first as the company might find its way towards redemption.
BlackBerry stocks have failed to show positive impacts hence the company has planned to adapt sideways trading. The company reported an increase in earnings in the current fiscal year but there is no positive sign or increase in revenues in the same time period. This BlackBerry news has caused the investors to reconsider their decisions. In comparison to its peers and competition in the market, BlackBerry has performed poorly on the basis of year to date performer.


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