Investment in Healthcare Development Brings Aetna’s Stocks Up

Aetna Inc., with stock symbol AET is a diversified healthcare benefits firm, which began its operations on December 20, 1982. Aetna sells a range of traditional and consumer-directed healthcare products and related services which includes pharmacy, dental, medical, behavioral health, life and disability plans, medical management services, Medicaid healthcare management services and health information exchange technology services. The firm conducts its operations in three business segments namely, Health Care, Group Insurance and Large Case Pensions. Generally, Aetna target customers who are employed, college students, health plans and healthcare providers, government units, government plans, labor groups and expatriates.
Investor confidence remains strong for Aetna Inc. with Aetna Inc. stocks growing at 1.04% to $88.41. Much more than its one-day growth, Aetna stock graph has shown the growth for the past 5 days of 4.17% is higher than the growth of competitors United Health Group and WellPoint Inc. The positive results for the past days is mainly due to the strong decisions made by the company in order to supplement the positive impact from the results of its 1st quarter financial results. According to the recent Aetna stock news, the company made a collaboration agreement with Northeast Medical Group thus bringing improved care coordination by July 2014 and benefitting Aetna members with low cost qualitative health care. The partnership is in addition with the previous partnership with MOASC Contracting Network and Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions in order to launch a program that seeks to improve cancer care in California.


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