An Industry that provides most exciting and highly engineered master pieces like F-17 – The Aerospace and Defense Industry.

Aerospace and Defense Industry mainly refers to the industry that specializes in designing developing and manufacturing aircrafts used for defense purposes e.g. F16, F17 JF thunder etc. The industry focuses on developing lighter and efficient aircrafts and armored vehicles which are more survivable. Most of the companies in the industry invest very heavily on R&D as the operations are very technology oriented and constantly changing dynamics are there.
Researchers in the industry requires skilled and educated workers as there is a wide range of physics involved from fluid dynamics to pressure based solution schemes and advanced meshing technology. The industry growth was slow because of shorter supply of skilled labor initially but now there are high numbers of students who are pursuing aeronautics as a career showing that there will be smooth supply of labor in future. The demand will rise as every country will try to protect itself using the most updated weapons and Air force being the integral force requires fighter planes etc. Boeing BA is one of the leading company in this industry.
Furthermore there has been increased reliance on armored vehicles as security threats have increased significantly over past years and almost all the VIPs travel in armored vehicles that are made by Defense industry. The cost structure is very high because of industry dynamics that are capital intensive. For a deeper and greater insight into the industry trends and financial information along with stock price fluctuations of aerospace and defense industry visit one of the best platforms


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