Aerospace and Defense Updates

According to latest updates in Aerospace and Defense industry a summit was conducted this year in Dearborn. The summit was conducted under the name of AeroDef® Manufacturing Summit and Exposition 2014. In this summit a panel discussion was conducted by the topic “3D Modeling in Manufacturing: The Changing Aerospace and Defense Supply Chain and the Digital Innovation Imperative.”
The summit was held at Long Beach (Calif.) Convention Center and it was produced in partnership between the largest OEMs and SME. The main objective was to integrate diverse supply chain to increase productivity and to drive innovation in the industry.
The main objective and the agenda of discussion in this summit for the panelists was to have in-depth discussion on the widespread topic of similarities between the transformation which took place in automotive supply chain industry in the last century and changes or happenings which exist in today’s aerospace and defense industry. Further it was brought under discussion that what has been the role of 3D digital and how this 3D digital technology has transformed growth of aerospace and defense industry in the global arena. Restricted not only to this it was further discussed that what are the strategies currently being formulated and exercised by other countries to compete in global market, 3D modeling technology integrating challenges faced and National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute’s role in digital innovation.
In our next post Boeing BA, a leading company in Aerospace industry would be discussed.


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