Many changes in Apparels are expected in this year in retail apparels

Leisure Brands are well known products for Apparels in many countries, this company has entered a license agreement that will allow the company to distribute, sell and promote apparel and accessories, now it is interesting for regular buyers to note these brands are going to be sold under the Izod brands. Bebe stores are popular stores, this store announced quarterly cash dividend of 00.025 cents per share. This is a big money for shareholders and even it is unexpected for those shareholders. Bebe stores normal selling mode is only an average, for this kind of average sale, dividend is expected only 00.010 cent per share, but due to comfortable business this company is able to offer this much money for their share holders. Bb stores are only limited when compared to other stores. Total Bebe stores are only two hundred and twenty six, originally count of this stores are only one hundred seventy six and now it is increased to above ratio. Out of the above numbers only fifty shops are selling to business, rest for direct customers. The above stores are operated from United States and their products with valid licenses are available in twenty-six countries from base of US Virgin Islands.


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