Will Wireless communications Market Contribute Higher In Communications Industry In Future?

The wireless communications market is the leading sub segment of the whole communications industry. With ever growing demand for the service, it managed to stay on track despite the recent economic downturns and doubling in its reach for the past ten years. Total revenues of $977 billion in 2013 and a growth rate of 5.3% for the last year proved its reputation as one of the most stable segments of the stock market. Europe was one of the few areas that declined, with a little more than 1%, while Asia surged with 8.4% with increasing average salaries and availability to households.

Specific companies such as Bharti Aritel reaped a lot of the benefits of this booming growth. Share prices in the industry surged, leading with Bharti’s $40 increase up to $320 in the course of last year. Increasing revenues and improving EPS has led investors to the international giant, which has allowed itself a more modest dividend payout this year. Other companies such as America Movil also experienced a lot of variance for the season, with highest change elevating their share value to $30. However, in the last several months decreasing confidence and low quarter revenues brought the price back to the benchmark from the previous year.


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