Is Delta a Favorable Opportunity for Investors?

Delta Air Lines, Inc. is a leading transportation company operating in U.S. The company provides the scheduled air transportation services to its passengers around the world. The route network of the company is present everywhere, which gives the company access to most of the busier airports in the world. This is the reason that Delta has grabbed a major market share in airline industry. This also gives a favorable prospect to the investors in terms of putting more money into the DAL stock so as to reap higher dividend yield in future. The current Delta Airlines stock price is $33.53 with an average change of -1.76%. The high and low stock prices in the past 52 weeks have been recorded as $35.83 and $13.95 respectively. This shows that the stock price has been fluctuating much in the last year and confusion has surrounded the investors as to when the stocks should be bought or sold. Additionally, the stock price history suggests that the stock price increased since the last quarter, where as it also increased in the one year period. The price also kept increasing in the last 5 years. This analysis shows that the Delta Airlines stocks have been in higher demand and considering its widespread business, investors have been considering it a favorable opportunity to invest in this company.


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