Delta Airlines Approves $2 billion Share Buyback Program

Delta Air Lines, Inc., AKA Delta Airlines, is a cargo and passenger airline carrier. It provides air transportation to customer all over the US and across the globe. The company, which is traded under the DAL Stock Symbol, operates through two different business segments: airline and refinery.

The Atlanta, GA-based enterprise was founded in 1928 by Collett Everman Woolman. Since then, it has taken on other business ventures, such as: vacation wholesale operations, aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), third-party staffing services and private jet operations.

In recent Delta Airline Stock news, it was reported that the company once again increased its dividend within one year of enhancing the returns of its shareholders. This was done by authorizing a new $2 billion “share repurchase program.” The main purpose was to regain the confidence of its investors.

Delta’s share buyback program is expected to come to completion in 2016. It plans to return money to its shareholders the tune of $2.75 billion by year ending, 2016. This DAL Stock news helped to increase Tuesday’s Delta Airline Stock Share Price by 0.4% on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

The DAL Stock Price today is currently $37.57 on NYSE. This 0.34% drop equals out to a decrease $0.13 per share. With an average volume of 2,335,828, Delta Airlines stock has a 52-week high of $38.64 and a 52-week low of $16.94. Such a program is expected to drastically increase shareholder confidence, increasing the DAL Stock Share Price in the process.


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