The Progress of Delta Airlines and Investors’ Perception

The Delta Air Lines Inc. is the leading organization in US that is providing air transportation services to the passengers and cargo in US and around the world. The company has built strong reputation in providing state of the art services to its customers, which is evident through its expanding profits and infrastructure. Another major impact in the booming business of the company is the investors’ confidence on Delta Air Lines Inc. The customers all around the world are benefiting from the flexible Delta deals in terms of travel. The company has become famous for gaining a lot of air traffic in the recent times, as more and more customers prefer to use Delta Airways.

When the Delta Air Lines Inc. came in to business, only the local flights inside the US were carried out. Now that the company has made contacts with other leading international airlines and has boosted its infrastructure, Delta has started international flights from US to more than 50 countries in the world. The Delta international flights are equipped with even more advanced facilities for the passengers. The company aims to become the leading airline and wants to hit the charts by becoming the sole choice for every passenger. Such a goal will also encourage investors to appreciate Delta’s ultimate target and hence invest more and reap higher financial benefits.


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