Chevron’s Recent Financial Performance and Future Expectations!

CVX performance in terms of balance sheet shows a poor fiscal standing, as their cash position of $16.2 billion falls significantly short of its net debt position of $20.4 billion, which compared to last fiscal year seemed an impressive $29 billion and $20.9 billion clearly speaking itself as to how much the firm has suffered in terms of financial standing as well as in terms of Chevron Corp. stock price. Chevron Corp. stock analysis shows that this is partly because of a sharp decline in cash inflows of the company’s operations brining in only $35 billion inflows as compared to $38.8 billion in the previous fiscal year, but mainly because of the capital investment undertaken that accounted for a generous $41.9 billion as compared to a lower $34.2 billion last year.

Chevron Corp. stock analysis also shows that there was a surprising fall in upstream profits, which basically covers 90% revenue stream by 30% and an astonishing 57% in the downstream profits, which has a tumbling effect on the Chevron Corp. stock price. The case with CVX stock has now become that which is called “Value Trap”. CVX Stock Price trades around 10 times the CVX earnings according to CVX Stock Analysis, making it a very attractive investment for those who don’t want to buy significantly overpriced or higher P/E ratio or growth stocks. A bullish market favors the momentum of CVX Stock Price. But the trap here is that while these stocks look underpriced or acceptable, the CVX earnings have been decreasing and the trend has taken its toll in 2013. In which case, there would be a downward pressure on the CVX stocks as a whole.



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