CCO Buckley Departure from Best Buy Got Disclosed

Aetna is a health care company in America. The company offers insurance plans and related health services. These services include dental, pharmaceutical, medical services and services for disables. Among health care benefits companies it is the nation’s leading. It is estimated that the company helps and provides 44 million people for taking better decisions about their health. Its customers include people from all age groups and all statuses, backgrounds and fields of life. It provides a vast range of voluntary, traditional and consumer health services.

Aetna Stock Chart shows that how much money has been contributed for others to become a nation’s leading company. In 2009, the company has contributed more than 2 million U.S. dollars on lobbying. According to Aetna Stock Quote 809,739 U.S. dollars were spent on lobbying and campaign from January 2009 to March 2009. This stock rate was 41% above than the stock rate recorded in the same period in year 2008. Aetna became seventh highest contributed by contributing $56,250 to Senators.

Apart from this, Aetna Stock news is influenced by its contribution of $110,000 to US Senator Joe Lieberman for running a campaign. These contributions of company influenced its revenue as well. In year2005, the earning of the company was 1.1 billion U.S. dollar. This latter raised to $27.6 billion in year 2007 and was reported in 2008. Similarly reported revenue of company’s revenue for year 2008 was $31 billion. For its quality of care services Aetna got 2 stars out of 4 total stars. For more information about Aetna’s stock and its policies, visit


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