Rise in stock prices Aetna’s signs of solid growth and a brighter future

With the Fortune 100 fame and an image for being one of the world’s leading healthcare companies, the American based-company Aetna can tell an impressive story about century-and-a-half’s worth of progression. Aetna found its roots during a time when Church leaders considered life insurance sinful. Since being founded in 1853 by Eliphalet Adams Bulkeley, Aetna has come a long way to building an empire, which can boast about revenue worth $47.294 million and a net income of $1.91 million.

Aetna has its headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut. Its current CEO and Chairman is Mark T. Bertolini, who became CEO in 2010 and Chairman in the following year. The company’s total assets amount to $49.8718 billion and the company has a total equity of $14.078 billion as of last year.

Aetna operates by selling traditional consumer directed health care insurance plans and other similar services. The plans span into categories such as medical, pharmaceutical, group life, employee benefits, behavioral health, long-term care, dental and disability.

A report published in 2013 showed that Aetna has over a staggering 22 million medical members. It also showed that it has 14.3 million dental members, 13.8 pharmacy members and 13.6 million group insurance members. Aetna is serving approximately 44 million members.

The company is registered on the New York Stock Exchange as AET and its Aetna Stock Price Today is $74.05. Aetna Stock Graph is experiencing a positive trend this over the last three days. After hovering around for almost $72, Aetna Stock Share Prices have risen to $74.05 by midday on Thursday. The AET Stock Graph is expected to record further growth, despite experiencing a great deal of rise and fall in the AET Stock Price during the past month.

The stock prices are expected to further rise in a week’s time after Aetna attends the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Health Care Conference. The executive vice president and the CFO of the Aetna, Shawn M. Guertin is scheduled to make an appearance along with a presentation on May 14.

The presentation will provide an important insight into the company’s future for investors and analysts. The presentation will be held in Las Vegas, but it can be streamed live on the internet through Aetna’s Investor Information link. Mr. Guertin should prepare for an interesting debate in case analysts start to come up with questions for him on Aetna’s annual and quarterly reports. Mr. Guertin will certainly talk about stability and progress in his presentation.

Aetna thrives on customer satisfaction. Its work such as programs with the National Kidney Foundation has helped create a respected image. Aetna recently joined hands with the National Kidney Foundation and Welltok to launch a program that helps Aetna’s members fights Chronic Kidney Disease.

Members suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease will be identified by Aetna Innovation Labs and then be referred to CaféWell Chronic Kidney Disease Community. These members will receive mentors who will help the patients learn more about the disease and help them fight it.

Aetna recently got nominated by DiversityInc as one of the Top 50 Companies for Diversity. Aetna was ranked 19th on the list. Aetna has made it to this list eight times since 2001. Companies wishing to enter the Top 50 Companies for Diversity have to show strength in four areas. These four areas are CEO commitment, talent development, talent pipeline and supplier diversity.

Aetna has a very diverse group of customers. These include employer groups, university students, part-time workers, individuals, government groups, government-sponsored plans, health care providers as well as labor groups.


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