Stocks made Simple

Investing in stocks is not an easy job and you need some technical skills to invest. But there are a few things that can make this process easier for you. Here are a few tips that will make investment in stocks really easy for you.

Do Nothing: It is not what you are thinking; by this I mean do nothing until you have a clear idea of what kind of stocks are you going to buy. You will buy different stocks based on circumstances and market conditions. The basic rule is that you want to buy at a cheap price and sell at a higher price.

Don’t confuse value of firm and price of share: Total number of issued shares multiplied by share price is the total market value of shares and it is also known as the market capitalization of the company. People usually make a mistake here and confuse the market cap with the total value of the firm. It is very important to know that market cap is the total value of the company’s shares not the total value of the company. Analysts try to estimate the total value of the company using different techniques and methods. You need to know the differentiation between total value of company shares and total value of the company.

Understand basics of stocks: You need to learn some basic things about stocks. You need to know about the phenomena of price change of a stock. The price of a stock goes up when more people are buying it than selling it and price goes down in the other case. Undervalued and overvalued are two very commonly used terms by stock investors? Undervalued means when people think a stock has more value than its actual value. A stock is undervalued when people think the price of a stock is lower than its actual value. You always buy a stock when it is undervalued as its price is likely to go up and you will gain from that.

Consider different options: Once you have got yourself familiarized with stocks now you can look for different investment options available. You can now think of investing in single stock or you can make a portfolio of investments, in addition to this you can also invest in mutual funds.

Research properly: Before investing in any company you need to know that company really well. Do a proper research and know as much as you can. This will give you an idea of what you are getting for you money. For getting information you can use any website like

Other: You need to know different ways to buy stocks and what are the differences between them. You can either buy directly or you can get help of a broker for this. You also need to know about tax laws and government policies applicable to your investment. You always need to know about the market condition. More information about investment basics is available at


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