The Energy Industry is So Significant World-wide Because Energy is the Commodity that Powers Most Endeavors in the World


Energy is significant because literally nothing commercial could happen in the modern world in its absence. The various sources of energy– gas, electricity, coal, wood-burning, water, and solar energy-all work together to fuel and power everything as diverse as food production and lights to computers and health treatments. Because humans have become as dependent on energy sources as they have, it is essential that the world powers come up with a sustainable, affordable, and environmentally friendly energy source to power all of the enterprises currently in motion that all people can agree on and that will not do in our Earth in the process.

Because the energy industry is so vital to our continued existence as a body of people, new discoveries of renewable energy must be discovered and funded for the betterment of the world’s population. Energy companies in the US are set up by municipalities to operate in the public good; this says nothing about the efforts to produce sustainable, affordable, and renewable energy sources. The energy companies are doing well financially despite their involvement in cleaning up natural disasters as quasi-private entities.


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