Free stock suggestions


It is very important to analyze each and every aspect of a stock before investing. You can get this information from different sources. Free stock suggestions are available at different website like Bloomberg, Reuters, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance and All of these websites offer a lot of free data and information. There are different portals where you can post your queries and you will get an answer to that. Another way to get free stock suggestions is to consult a friend who knows about finance and financial market.

You can use all these free sources to get suggestion about you investment decisions but you need to know a few basic things about stock investment. These things include a basic fundamental analysis of a stock and a basic knowledge of stock market. You need to know a lot about stock market; you should keep an eye on ups and downs of stock market and adjust your investments accordingly. If you are managing a portfolio of stocks you need to know the different aspects of all the stocks you are dealing with. For example if you are investing in textile industry and textile importers are likely to get subsidy for imports you need to know how this new information will reflect in stock price. You need to know how you have to adjust your portfolio in case of significant increase or decrease of a stock. You are managing a portfolio with a fixed proportion of each stock, if a stock prices increase the proportion of that stock in portfolio also increases and the total risk of the portfolio will also change. You need to adjust this portfolio to bring your risk to an optimal level. You should also learn some basic rules of finance. The most important thing to know is measurement and interpretation of risk. You should know how to calculate the risk of stock from past prices of that stock. You should also know about the factors which increase or decrease the risk of a stock. An investor should be well aware of the difference between financial risk and operating risk of the company and what is correlation between these two. If a company is operating such an environment where the cash flows are very unstable and there are abruptly of business then that company has a high business risk and such company should have a lower level of financial risk. Financial risk is mostly related to the leverage of the company, how much debt a company has defines the financial risk of the company. A high level of debt means that a company has a lot to pay in as debt repayments which increase the financial risk of the company. A company has to pay to its debtors first and anything left will be shared among shareholders. Another thing to consider is the stage of company whether it is in mature stage or is in growing stage. Many free stock suggestions are available at


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